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The Marshall Mid Offer A Taste Of The Rock’n’Roll Universe

By Victor Baker


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Marshall Mid

Marshall is a brand that has long been associated with the highest levels of audio quality and the rebel universe of what most of us call Rock’n’roll. The renowned British company has just announced the latest addition to its headphone lineup,  which is why we are now faced with the wireless Marshall Mid.

These new interesting headphones come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, offering over 30 hours worth of Rockin’ music, and the kind of audio quality you would normally expect from your favorite band on its newest record.

Marshall Mid

Technically, the Marshall Mid headphones have been equipped with custom 40 mm dynamic drivers, for that robust sound and balanced clarity, and from an aesthetic point of view, Marshall went for black leather vinyl, the signature Marshall script, solid metal hinges, and brass details to make sure you won’t confuse this exciting product with anything else.

The new Marshall headphones will be available pretty soon on the market, although we don’t know how much this set will cost you. But that’s beside the point: I mean, do you really care how much you’re spending to hear (or see) your favorite band live? I think not!

Marshall Mid

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