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The Mansory Cyrus is a Mind Blowing Aston Martin DB11

By Victor Baker


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Mansory Cyrus

The breathtaking green supercar before you was called the Mansory Cyrus and it’s basically a unique take on the ravishing Aston-Martin DB11. Improving on perfection is always an impossible task, but the guys from Mansory have done it again and worked their magic on this British automotive jewel, with the finished project unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show a few weeks ago.

The Aston-Martin DB11 has received a brand new carbon fiber front fascia from Mansory, with a more aggressive front splitter, larger air intakes, and multiple vents in the custom hood, giving it a bold look. Helping out with that are also the new side skirts, a large carbon fiber wing at the rear, as well as the fresh rear fascia, that comes with a huge diffuser. Did we say this thing looks and feels incredible?

Mansory Cyrus

The engine has received a new mapping system, while a new stainless steel exhaust system and a low-restriction air filter contribute to an impressive power boost. The twin-turbo V12 will now develop 700 hp and 850 Nm of torque, which means that the lucky driver of this beauty will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds and keep going until the needle hits 330 km/h.

Safety first, which is why lowering springs have been added to this DB11, taking the car’s ride height down by 35 mm, while ultra-light forged Yavin wheels were wrapped in high performance low-profile tires to make sure you keep this thing on the road (or track).

On the inside, Mansory went for a VIP lounge vibe. Beautiful leather and Alcantara elements, bare carbon fiber trim and decorative stitching, as well as illuminated door entryways, are all part of the seductive efforts of this vehicle.. There is also a redesigned steering wheel worth mentioning, although by now you should daydream about driving this thing.

Mansory Cyrus

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