The magnificent Solana residence

The staggering Solana is of the greatest and most fabulous homes in the entirety of California. Providing absolutely breathtaking, 360-degree panoramas of the entire Montecito Valley to the foothills, past the fabled beaches of Santa Barbara and the superb harbor, and on towards the Channel Islands, to the south, the Solana is one of those homes that you’ve only seen or heard of in movies. It is very much real, though!

This is also one of the most exclusive homes of California, boasting in excess of 20,000 square feet of living spaces – or 2,100 square meters if you prefer the regular numeric system. But it’s not the size of the place that amazes, it’s the way the spaces are decorated and fitted. Mahogany wood carved by hand, museum quality mosaic tile flooring, wall sconces from the 18th century, French oak paneling from the 17th century and European forged bronze hardware are just a few features of this massively exquisite residence.

The Solana boasts with full facilities for either family-people or loners, with kids or none, and it does it in style. The exclusive refinement, astounding attention to detail and exquisitely hand-manufactured decors shape up a staggeringly extravagant way of living, within a setting that’s bound to raise every hair on your body. Furthermore, if it’s creature comforts you want, this is the place to have them, in the most private of manners as well.

The property spans over 11 knoll top acres and comprises a large swimming pool, reflecting ponds, a massive 2-bedroom guest cottage, 2 staff apartments, two 3-car garages and a full array of top notch amenities. The listing price says it all – $57.5 million or around €44.6 million at current exchange rates.