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The M55 Electric Bike a.k.a. “The Beast”

M55 Bikes has unveiled a couple of days ago their latest Hybrid electric bicycle, a really fast bike which was dubbed as “The Beast”. The bike is made of custom parts created by M55’s seasoned engineers, using technology and materials used in Formula One and sports cars such as titanium, carbon fiber, CNC machining and a brushless motor.

The M55 Electric bike is so fast that it can go with 40 miles per hour and one charge on this electric bike could take the future customer as far as 75 miles even off-road. The Beast comes with a pedelec system that allow the user to pedal as well as use the onboard battery to power the electric motor.

Each of the non-custom parts on this bike are of the finest quality and chosen by the crew from M55 to meet golden standards. Every time the sensor feels you need some extra torque, the bike packs and blasts you forward, multiplying your power and making you feel like a superhero.

The bike’s frame is made of monocoque 7075 CNC Aluminum and carbon fiber plates and on it M55 mounted an EB-PC motor with 5.2 Nm of torque that’s powered from Tenergy Polimer Li-Ion cells (20mAh).



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