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The lovely Antumalal Hotel in Chile’s Lake District

By Adrian Prisca


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Celebrating its 62nd anniversary, the Antumalal Hotel has been providing luxurious accommodation to world renowned guests across its respectable existence, like Jimmy Stewart, Neil Armstrong and Queen Elizabeth. Located amongst the wild corners of Chile, the hotel boasts with an elite spa which has recently undergone renovation, standing for a holistic polarity center.

Few features really spill the beans regarding the age of this place. The touch of architect Jorge Elton, student of Frank Lloyd Wright, is clearly visible throughout. The stunning contemporariness of the Antumalal curiously eludes the meaning of “modernism” more than 6 decades ago.

Superbly situated at the foot of a smoking volcano, in the Lake District of Chile, and providing a whopping 12 acres of lush gardens overlooking Lake Villarica and the local peaks hidden by the rainforest, Hotel Antumalal is just 2 km away from the busy Pucón.

Quite a distance away from the capital of Chile, Santiago, it can superbly and cozily accommodate up to 46 people in gorgeously appointed rooms with panoramic glass panes overlooking Lake Villarrica and private fireplaces.

The beauty of the Antumalal is further enhanced by the local beaches, gardens and the Spa Antumaco, which provides idyllically superb lake views within the local woods and private park.


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