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Don Abbey lists two luxury estates for sale at $78 Million each

By Adrian Prisca


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Donald Abbey of The Abbey Co., one of the world’s most famous real estate magnates, has recently listed two opulent mansions, each one priced at a mind-boggling $78 million. One of the properties is located in Montana, on Shelter Island, Flathead Lake, MT 59931, while the second one can be found in at 172 Bliss Canyon Road, Bradbury, CA 91008.

Both residences are incredibly luxurious and were constructed by Don Abbey over an 18 year time span, having cost him roughly $200 million. He finally decided to sell them both, reasoning that the residences were simply way too big for his needs and at the same time expressing his indifference for anything larger than 20,000 square feet.

The history of the Abbey Company starts back in 1990, having quickly become one of the most successful commercial real estate business in California. We are expecting an exception attention to detail when talking about the couple of residences, a known characteristic of the brand. And so has Mr. Abbey done – he had used top notch, exquisite materials at the construction of these two luxury properties as well as intricate craftsmanship.

The Montana property is actually the largest private home in the entire state, featuring 24,000 square feet of living spaces, with 8 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. The property also features 10,000 square feet of outdoor entertainment space and heated porticos. In addition, it boast with a state of the art gym, a guest house which doubles as boat house, with 2 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, indoor shooting range and wine cellar.

As for the other property, from Bradbury, the mansion spans over 47,000 square feet, featuring 5 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It also features a 2,000 bottle wine cellar, 6 fireplaces, tri-dimensional home theater system, a massive infinity pool, temperature controlled trout pond, a large garage that can accommodate up to 10 cars and ceilings as tall as 40 feet.

Two stunning examples of this home’s exquisiteness are the stone wall that encircles the entire property, which had taken 3 years of building by hand, and one Italian fireplace, crafted from marble, which alone values at in excess of $1 million. If you want to find out more about these magnificent residences, Hurwitz is currently handling the listings.


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