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The Loudest Speaker Dock for iPhone: BEHRINGER iNuke Boom

By Adrian Prisca


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Have you ever wondered what’s the maximum power at which your iPhone can play music? We have, and found out the mother of all speaker docks. It’s called iNuke Boom by Behringer, while some people call it “the M.O.A.B. of all Speakers” (comes from the 10.3-ton Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb that was used by US Air Force).

If you look carefully to the picture, you’ll see an iPhone on top of the speaker. That’s actually a real one, a midget in comparison with this gadget. The 700-pound fatty is designed as speaker and dock for Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad. It measures 4 ft in height and 8 ft in length and resembles an office desk.

Considering that the maxim output power reaches a staggering 10,000 watts, it’s barely probable that it will ever be played at maximum, if one doesn’t want his/her eardrums to explode that is. The boom-bang speaker will be exhibited during next month at CES trade show in Las Vegas.


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