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St.Martin F-15 Harley Davidson Power Boat

By Adrian Prisca


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The renowned boat manufacturer St. Martin recently collaborated with Harley Davidson to create a top speed boat. They used their top engineering levels, along with their expertise and experience in building motor-powered vehicles. The Evolution 1340 motor was the first part signed Harley Davidson used at this boat, while the patented water cooling system takes care of it not catching fire.

To insure the propulsion necessary to propel this demon, St. Martin used the Mercury Marine Stern Drive engine, getting its maximum speed to whole new levels, for a lifetime experience of blasting waves and cruise waters.

The hull of the boat is painted in pitch black, while the rounds, seats, dashboard and side edges are painted in beautiful tangerine. The color contrast is superb, assuring an elegant look to the 15 ft boat. To continue the tradition of the metallic Harley Davidson look, the manufacturer used this aspect to paint the steering wheel and meter rims.

The boat can carry up to two passengers with a total weight of 300kg, while the performance-related details have been kept in secrecy until this time. Furthermore, they have made the price public – around $30,000 for every piece.

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