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The Light L16 Camera Is A Game-Changer

By Victor Baker


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Light L16

This little black box may look cute, but it’s about to amaze you. Called the Light L16 Camera, this cool toy is actually 16 cameras working together under one stylish roof. Able to capture photos in combined resolutions of up to 56 MP, this camera then processes all these images into a single photo that will be beyond stunning. DSLR fans might not get scared just yet, but impressed they are, as Yoda would put it.

The revolutionary camera features an array of lenses and sensors that gather light at different apertures and focal lengths, all these light inputs being processed by a special algorithm to create a single still. Once that happens, the photographer will be able to select 16 different areas of focus and let the rest fall into a smooth blur.

The “shoot now, focus later” feature isn’t something new, as Lytro has been trying to promote such technology for a while now. But this post selective focus could be a great tool once state-of-the-art resolutions come in and that’s just what the Light L16 Camera does.

It offers a 35 mm to 150 mm range of zoom and a full set of usable focal lengths at apertures of up to f1.2.

Light L16

Impressive as it is, the Light L16 probably won’t be a replacement for a DSLR camera in the near future. The 35 mm focal length isn’t wide enough for a lot of photographic applications, while video capabilities aren’t available just yet. Right now, the Light L16 Camera is a point-and-shoot device, with incredible resolution and some neat visual features.

The possibilities are endless though, and a 2.0 version might just bring the game to a whole different level and make DSLR makers sweat a bit. In the meantime, you should know that the Light L16 Camera can be pre-ordered for $1,299, with the first deliveries expected to begin next summer.

Once that happens, you’ll need $1,699 to get one – which you should, if you plan on being part of the photography revolution.

Light L16


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