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The K75 ALPHA Concept Will Keep You Smiling

By Victor Baker


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K75 ALPHA Concept

Based in Istanbul, Mehmet Doruk Erdem is a brilliant designer who loves to mix fusion with reality, blurring the boundaries between vehicle brands, and trying to shock and awe every single one of us with his unique ideas and futuristic vehicle concepts.

A while ago he imagined a ravishing motorcycle called ‘K75 typhoon’ and now the Turkish designer has joined forces with motorcycle expert Mark Atkinson to bring this streamliner motorcycle design to life. The resulting bike has been dubbed as the ‘K75 ALPHA’ and it shows off an interesting blend between a traditional styling and 21-st century streamlined lines.

K75 ALPHA Concept

Based upon the classic BMW ‘K75 triple’, this innovative bike features an elegant rolling chassis, with hand-made bodywork. The sculptural front fairing benefits from a neo-retro style, something of an influence in the designers’ portfolio, and what’s even more interesting is that these guys fabricated most of the K75 Alpha and its components from scratch – if you’re going to do something, it’s better you do it yourself, right?

With a bespoke chassis, a center hub pivot, hand-machined aluminum linkage, as well as a bellcrank-actuated steering system, things are bound to get interesting. Since this is still just a concept, there’s no word on driving dynamics or performance numbers, obviously. However, ‘boring’ is not a word I’d use when looking at this amazing thing.

K75 ALPHA Concept

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