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The Joby S2 VTOL Electric Plane Is a Breath of Fresh Air

By Victor Baker


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Joby S2 VTOL

With the aircraft market filled with many solid competitors right now, it’s getting increasingly difficult to design, develop and build an aircraft that stands out of a crowd. New planes and helicopters must meet certain technical requirements and physics-based concepts to get the green light for flight, that’s why it’s so hard to see something different on the sky nowadays.

But the Joby S2 VTOL is definitely something else, showing off vertical take off and landing and looking more like a futuristic toy than a real thing.  The stunning two-seater plane makes use of 12 tilting electric propellers, which fold away into aerodynamic bullet shapes once the aircraft his cruising speed.

Joby S2 VTOL

Featuring a V-shaped tail and forward-swept wings, with 4 propellers on each wing, the electric airplane seems to be on the correct path towards the future and environmentally-friendly traveling as well. Its propellers were designed to keep takeoff and landing as quiet as possible, but what’s more important is that this plane will continue to fly even when one or two propellers fail.

The plane will reach a top speed of 200 mph, higher than most helicopters, and will allow the pilot to enjoy it for as long as 200 miles. The Joby S2 VTOL Electric Plane will set you back around $200,000, but let’s just wait for it to reach production, shall we?

Joby S2 VTOL

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