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The IF60 Luxury Powerboat by Hermes & Zeus Design

By Adrian Prisca


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How to generate a bang in three steps: choose a one of a kind design team, a state of the art manufacturer of powerboats and lock them inside a building. This is exactly how the IF60 powerboat project has come to life. Of course, the two sides that contributed to the project are as potent as expected: Mystic Powerboats – designers, engineers and manufacturers of top notch powerboats – and Theodoros Fotiadis of Hermes & Zeus Design.

A luxurious piece of wave-riding, the IF60 boasts with a lightweight twin-stepped bottom V-hull design with Dupont Imron Marine Finishes Paint, e-glass construction and carbon fiber reinforcements, able to face a whopping 6 Gs (about 1 more than the maximum G-force generated by a Formula 1 car) and developed upon 20 years of stepped hull design research.

The IF60 measures 13 feet (around 4 meters) at its widest point, 8 feet in height (2.4 meters) and 60 feet in length (18.3 meters). The propulsion relies on two MTU 10V 2000 engines which generate 1,600 HP each. They allow for a maximum speed of 90 knots (104 mph or 167 km/h) and a cruise speed of 60 knots (69 mph or 111 km/h), while, if the owner chooses the mount two turbine-powered 2,200 HP versions, the maximum speed goes beyond the staggering number of 180 knots (200 mph or 322 km/h).

The performance of this stunning cruiser is superbly matched by the interior features. The IF60 sports a master stateroom, a fore guest stateroom, master head, galley, guest head and optionally a 7-seat or a 3-seat cockpit. The seating of the cockpit consists of Recaro leather offshore seats. The aft salon can be as well chosen to be equipped with seating for 16 or for 12 guests. The list of optionals goes on, providing the ability to choose from a hardtop option or a windshield which resembles roadsters.

In addition, the IF60 includes an aft salon which can be converted into a rear sun lounge, a flip-out swim platform and a bow sun lounge. There are more interesting endowments like a rear hydraulic opening engine hatch, fully fitted and decked cabin, safety glass windshield in carbon frame and electronically controllable exhaust flaps through which the owner can select the sound volume via the simple press of a button and an entirely electronic package at the helm.

Starting at €2.8 million ($3,650,000), the price of the IF60 is not what we’d call cheap. And wait till you see the optionals – heart attacks will follow!


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  1. That’s a really luxurious design, the length of the boat is quite unique compared to where the seats are. I’m not surprised at the price, you have to pay high prices for luxurious designs from big companies these days. Look forward to seeing more pictures!

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