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The HYT H2O is a Fascinating Timekeeping Marvel


The independent Swiss watch brand HYT has made quite a lot of noise with its extraordinary hydro mechanical watches. Most of its designs mixed metallic components and cases with fluids in liquid capilaries, but the company’s newest model, the HYT H2O, shows off the eye catching fluid aesthtic through a gorgeous sapphire glass enclosure.

A rounded sapphire dome covers the complex Renaud & Papi movement, with a minimalist base and a modern strap with a titanium folding buckle aiming to keep all your attention on this hydro mechanical wonder. The movement looks like a 3D sculpture from the side, with the fluid capillary floating above everything.

The numerals are represented by large-scale appliqués placed vertically around the movement, exaggerating the sculptural aesthetic of this watch in a very good way.


Priced at a cool $95,000, this timekeeping marvel will be released in two 25-piece editions, one in steel with black DLC coating and green fluid, and the other one in brushed stainless steel with blue-treated bridges and a neon blue fluid. Feel free to daydream about other colors, as the Swiss brand will most likely come up with new combinations in the near future.

The rounded form and the use of sapphire glass bring the HYT H2O into highly contemporary design territory, allowing the Swiss brand’s signature hydro mechanical heart to be showcased in ways the previous angular metal cases couldn’t do it. Without a doubt, the H2O could be considered HYT’s most incredible timepiece.



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