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The House of Solid Gold Is Keeping You In Check

House of Solid Gold

A chess set will always have a sophisticated air about itself, given the nature of the game and the power of the analytics and computations needed to beat your opponent. But a battle of wits and abstract strategy can sometimes feel a bit stale or boring, and this is where the people at House of Solid Gold come in.

Their luxurious $370,000 chess set is totally unique, to say the least, featuring diamond encrusted 18k solid yellow and white gold pieces, and the board is also made from the same dazzling mix. This extraordinary chess set was carefully designed and sculpted, with each piece meticulously handcrafted by thirty master craftsmen across 4,500 hours of mind-boggling patience. Could you even imagine that?

House of Solid Gold

The House of Solid Gold chess set comprises a total of 4,874 black and yellow-golden diamonds, adding to a collective 125.50 carats. And if that’s not enough to completely blow your mind, we should also mention that over 1.2 kilograms of 18k solid gold was used to achieve that shiny overall look.

The lavish chess set is complemented by a stunning Louis Vuitton hand-crafted case – that’s probably the perfect match for its stylish and exclusive looks. You don’t even need to be a chess enthusiast to be completely mesmerized by this outrageous design.


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