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The Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch looks unreal

By Adrian Prisca


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It seems like the renowned watchmaker Harry Winston has taken up an interesting challenge in revolutionizing the way people check on the exact time. His superb Opus 11 presented last year on the occasion of the Baselworld 2011 fair was just an introduction in what seems to be a great change in human perception regarding time. His latest creation, the Opus 12 watch, was one of the biggest attractions at the Baselworld 2012, currently on the go.

The curious thing about this watch is simply the way it allows time to be read.  A sizeable combination of movements, exquisite watch-making and fine precision allow it to stand out from the current market. This timepiece’s central dial shows the minutes, hours and half-an-hour slots, moving about clockwise in a superbly-animated setting.

The main idea the movement is based on is Copernicus theory regarding the revolution of the Earth around the Sun and itself – the dial moves in a way in which the 5-minute retrograde covers an exact distance in order to display the duration of 5 minutes, before moving to its original location and resume the cycle.

Following the upper-mentioned movement, the minutes hand undergoes a complicated way to display the exact time, in perfect harmony with the hours. In addition to these, an extremely surprising fact caught our attention: the seconds indicator and the power reserve also indicate their data through a similar way.

The technology involved in the making of this exquisite piece is quite unmatchable. The complicated mechanical hand-wound device incorporates a total of 607 parts. The timepiece also includes 80 jewels, 2 barrels and 24 hands. The well-functioning of the gadget is ensured by the 45-hour power reserve.

The crafter wasn’t only pleased with such a complicated mechanism, but also added a 46 mm 18-carat white gold casing with sapphire crystal covering. Rhodium has been partially used for the dial as well. On the back-side, we notice the branding, the name of the main designer – Emmanuel Bouchet – as well as the particular number of each watch. The strap is made of black alligator leather, tied to a folding buckle.

Available in a limited edition of 120 units, we’re curious if the price is going to be made public at the fair, or later on. Such a piece is definitely worth the wait.


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