The Goldgenie Samsung S6 Scripto & Stardust

Whenever the guys from Goldgenie decide to add their touch to any kind of gadget, we just know the final result is going to be outrageous.

This time, the London-based company has added a dazzling 24K Gold plated surface to one of our favorite phones, namely the Samsung Galaxy S6. Featuring a glamorous perforated back cover, Goldgenie’s luxurious take on the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come in two versions, Scripto and Stardust, both of them looking incredible.

The Samsung S6 Edge Scripto was inspired by the ancient metalwork from the Byzantine era, showing off an ornate filigree pattern and a sparkling 24k Gold finish, while the Stardust also boasts a textured 24k Gold finish, which beautifully frames the high-tech device.

With both phones SIM free and factory unlocked to ALL networks, with Total Armour Protection and Military Grade Encryption on texts and phone calls available, you should not be surprised by the £1,764.17 price-tag. Please note that only 99 pieces of each model will be up for grabs, so you’d better hurry up.