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The Glenlivet Alpha

By Brian Pho


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The No. 2 single malt Scotch whisky in the world, Glenlivet, has recently launched a bottle of mystery Single Malt Scotch Whisky they’ve dubbed the Glenlivet Alpha. Unfortunately, it comes with no description or declaration on notes or cask, but we’ve found out it’s a limited edition.

As far as we’ve heard, just 3,350 of these will be manufactured by Master Distiller Alan Winchester at the Speyside-based Glenlivet Distillery. In case curiosity overwhelms you, there is a set of challenges on Facebook and on the brand’s website which will help you decipher some of its aspects. There’s also a rather interesting series of digital interactive tools to help you imagine its smell and taste.

International Brand Director for The Glenlivet, Nikki Burgess, describes: “The Glenlivet is famous for its smooth, full bodied flavour and with the launch of The Glenlivet Alpha we’re excited to be exploring this in an original way. This is the first time anyone has launched a ‘blind’ whisky in this way and we are confident that this innovative campaign will excite luxury drinkers and help them to truly appreciate single malt and understand the flavours they taste in The Glenlivet’s award-winning range.”

Even Master Distiller Alan Winchester reports: “The flavor is a multi-sensory experience: taste and odor, as well as of the drum that is used to encourage people to use their senses by a complex combination of vision and sensation in the mouth, one alpha Glenlivet information source, I hope they will get a better appreciation of the unique flavour and great for understanding the complexity of single malt whisky to expand our depth, I cannot wait to hear the reaction of the people do not.”

This gorgeous bottle of whisky has reportedly been available since the 8th of May in the UK, France, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Denmark, Netherlands, Andorra, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, India, Sweden, China, Germany and Taiwan for $120 apiece.

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