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The Germain Baillot Concept Watch Comes from Another World

By Victor Baker


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Germain Baillot Concept Watch

The crazy-futuristic design language that made this timepiece possible combines sleek lines with eye catching elements and innovative technology, something that we usually see on concept cars. The Germain Baillot Concept Watch is a radical neo-futurist design, equipped with two complications: a 24-hour GMT world timer and a vertical tourbillon.

It’s true, this timepiece is still just a concept, so this is all still purely hypothetical, but that any less worthy of our attention – far from it. Baillot’s unique creation was inspired by the silhouette of a spacecraft or fighter jet and designed around a massive domed sapphire canopy hiding a trio of cylindrical rollers that tell time in the most fashionable manner.

Germain Baillot Concept Watch

The massive silhouette of the watch might not look very portable, per se, but the cylindrical case sides and the contrasting black jet exhaust cones will make you forget all about that. This unique aeronautic silhouette is also complemented by a matching integrated rubber strap that would be more than perfect to keep this thing on your wrist.

The high-concept design looks astounding, but will Germain Baillot ever manage to bring this innovative concept to life? We’ll just have to wait and see he’ll do, and if we can afford it. Care to make any speculations about how much such a piece of time would cost?

Germain Baillot Concept Watch


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