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The future of Speed: Airbus Helicopters’ Racer Concept

Airbus Racer Concept

The incredible helicopter concept before you might look like every gamer’s dream, but we’re actually dealing with a real thing here. Revealed just a few days ago at the 2017 Paris Air Show, the Racer Concept by Airbus Helicopters is what the French company imagines as the future of helicopter transportation.

Apart from its ravishing design, the Racer Concept would supposedly feature ultra light materials, an extraordinary power plant and many eco-friendly features, and it will be specially designed to give us a new take on high speeds, cost efficiency and serious performance. I wonder: is the Military looking out for a new project? Because this concept might be a good place to start.

Airbus Racer Concept

RACER actually stands for Rapid and Cost Effective Rotorcraft, which means this helicopter wasn’t exactly built with racing in mind, but you could cruise with it at speeds of up to 248 mph, thanks to Airbus’ innovative “box-wing” design. This means optimized aerodynamics complemented by two powerful RTM322 engines, with a special eco-mode that’s responsible for disabling either one of them during flight.

Furthermore, Airbus will have each RACER to include hybrid metallic composite materials in their efforts to reduce weight as soon as production starts, in 2019.  There’s no word on the potential purchase costs, but we probably find out by 2020 when this thing will be flying above our heads. Add a dedicated app, and you’ve got yourselves the perfect drone.

Airbus Racer Concept

RACER - Introducing the Future of Speed

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