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The Ferrari California T Deserto Rosso Makes Its Dessert Debut

By Victor Baker


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Ferrari California T Deserto Rosso

Inspired by the unique legacy and history of the Middle East region, not to mention its cultural and architectural impact on the world, Ferrari has come up with a new special edition supercar that’s probably perfect for cruising the beautiful roads between the dunes.

Called the Ferrari California T Deserto Rosso, this bespoke vehicle has been revealed through a couple of drool inducing photos and an awesome clip shot in the desserts surrounding the Liwa Oasis in the United Arab Emirates.

Honoring said region, as well as the crimson dunes of Arabia’s deepest deserts, this Ferrari is the brand’s way of thanking customers from the Middle East for their increasingly expensive and numerous purchases.

Ferrari California T Deserto Rosso

The “Empty Quarter”, known locally as the “Rub’ al Khali” is where Ferrari wanted us to take a look at their vehicle’s elegance, sportiness, and exclusivity with the aid of the sublime diversity of the desert environment.

Once fitted with the new Handling Speciale package, including special calibrations to the suspension, a new exhaust system and some minor cosmetic revisions, this Ferrari California T Deserto Rosso will surely make your day – no matter where you decide to spend it.

Ferrari California T Deserto Rosso

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