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The $272,000 Yar Audio System is Unlike Anything you’ve ever Seen

By Victor Baker


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Yar Audio System

Some say $272,000 can get you an entry-level Rolls Royce Ghost, although most of us can’t even dream that high. On the other hand, audiophiles with an insatiable thirst for the ultimate sound might spend that amount of money in a totally different way. Let’s focus on an ultra-premium bespoke audio system from Yar, for example.

Yar is trying to drive audiophiles crazy with their extraordinary audio system which offers truly unadulterated sound. It’s being sold through word of mouth and private events only, making it even more desirable and talked about.

The staggering audio system has been entirely handcrafted, and includes an integrated amplifier, two loudspeakers and an elegant stand. The price starts at exactly $272,000, with the build taking 2 to 3 months to complete upon customers request, desire and taste.

Yar Audio System

The extensive use of carbon fiber is obvious, although it’s worth mentioning that only the best components, materials and the most discerning of certified suppliers were involved in the making of this incredible audio system. Furthermore, adding to its exclusivity is an engraved signature of the buyer.

Once completed, two Yar specialists will personally deliver the system to the customer’s doorstep, where they will measure elements like the rapport between direct and reflected sound to position it perfectly for optimal audio experience.

Handcrafted in Italy in a limited run of only 100 units, this amazing sound system will be delivered by YAR to the most dedicated and attentive listeners.

Yar Audio System

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