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The exquisite Royal Bed by Savoir Beds

By Brian Pho


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The British manufacturer of bespoke beds Savoir Beds, also part of the Royal Suite of the Savoy Hotel, has recently come up with a limited edition series of exquisite Royal beds, each of them costing a mind-boggling $175,000.

According to the main designer of Savior Beds, Alistair Hughes, “it is an investment that pays off every morning”. He describes his works in the most proper manner, as these beauties are quite some exceptional pieces. Even the setting where they were unveiled was carefully picked and garnished, in a nearly-royal atmosphere, at Kensington Place in London. Well, if you’re sufficiently rich, sleeping on these is a reality, but they’ll be asking $175,000 per piece. The mattresses on the beds were intricately hand manufactured, having taken around 700 hours of exhausting work each. They are made of pure Mongolian cashmere, Latin American horse tail and around 1,600 miles of silk.

These features are already pretty costly, but the specialist designers at Savoir Beds have decided to further enlarge their levels of luxury by adding the possibility for the buyers to stitch their names or their families’ names on the mattress, under the manufacture of Royal School of Needlework craftsmen. Sadly, only 60 of these babies will be manufactured and they will probably be bought by stars like Sir Elton John, Oprah Winfrey or Madonna, who already own beds signed Savoir Beds.


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