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The Ecosse Night Stalker Will Haunt Your Dreams

By Victor Baker


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Ecosse Night Stalker

Ecosse Moto Works is a premier luxury bike maker that’s usually associated with sublime, limited-series café racers, built for discerning enthusiasts. But this company has just managed to top itself by introducing the Night Stalker, a jaw dropping 431-pound one-of-one motorcycle inspired by Ecosse founder’s friendship with a former member of the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

The Ecosse Night Stalker is evil, exquisite and exclusive – these are also the best words to describe Ecosse Moto Works. Apart from its ravishing, blacked-out look, the Night Stalker comes with a lightweight, super high-strength titanium chassis, with axles, fasteners, and ceramic-coated exhaust headers made from the same metal.

As you might expect, this bike was extremely difficult to make, with meticulous attention to detail, and bespoke parts like seven carbon fiber pieces that complete the bodywork or the lightweight carbon-fiber wheels.

Ecosse Night Stalker

The list of features can go on forever. The bike also packs Öhlins front forks and a JRi single-shock at the back, and we could also mention the military-grade electrical system, with LED lighting and programmable instruments; but the engine is even more impressive. The hand-built 45-degree 2.1-liter V-twin based powerhouse produces 140 hp and 145 ft lbs of torque, enough to get some people scared.

The lucky owner of this unique Ecosse motorcycle will also receive a matching Airborne Tactical Solutions moto-adapted carbon-fiber and Kevlar helmet, that was originally designed for aircraft pilots, plus a 46 mm titanium wristwatch from BRM that was specially designed for the Night Stalker. So, you have the bike, the helmet, the watch; all you need now is the attitude and.. $277,000.

Ecosse Night Stalker

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