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The Dalmore Lutwyche Luxury Shoes look sweet!

By Adrian Prisca


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“Shoes are meant to take the drunk home” – this is our idea of the new collaboration between the old Dalmore whiskey brand and the Brittish Lutwyche tailor – of course, in a totally formal way, with the according common-sense. It’s the first known association of an alcohol brand with a luxury-clothing manufacturer. And they did it with style.

A special characteristic these shoes have is that in time, through intense wearing, the leather actually molds onto the foot. This is due to the rare, incredibly soft deer skin that was used to craft them, and the “stag” Dalmore crest fits them nicely. Hand manufacture and state-of-the-art technology were used to create these masterpieces.

Furthermore, both companies are working around the concepts “exclusivity” and “luxury”, so this collaboration is proven to be totally fruitful. Their excitement in creating this exclusive foot-wear comes from both their history and traditions. Excellence is not something to mess with, especially when high-class-society is watching you.

They can be acquired from Lutwyche’s Clifford Street store, starting the 27th of October. The $865 (£550) pair of shoes comes with an included Dalmore’s King Alexander III whiskey bottle (valued at $235-£150). Enjoy the drink and wear them proudly.

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