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The Crusoe Modular 18ft Adventure Trimaran

Crusoe Modular 18ft Adventure Trimaran

Crusoe Craft & Marine has designed and developed a lightweight, eco-friendly, modular 18-foot adventure trimaran, perfect for a relaxing day on the sea and for the modern day explorer. The Crusoe Trimaran has a modular design that lets the owner of the boat use the folding exploration craft for any specific purpose.

It features 21 separate storage compartments across the deck and pontoon areas when in full touring mode and when properly packed, this trimaran doubles as a mobile equipment locker and it’s great for short or extended getaways on the sea.

This mono hull small craft is ideal for adventure seekers, sailors, divers, surfers, fishermen and even photographers. The trimaran was designed around the concept of exploration and it offers the best in comfort, safety and also functionality.

The boat has a low impact hybrid design and travels with very little or no wake at all under sail or when powered by a 9.9 HP 4 stroke Yamaha onboard engine that brakes waves pretty fast if you’re in a hurry. There is also an option for a 4 HP 4 stroke engine with very low fuel consumption that also has a pretty quick cruise speed.

Crusoe can also outfit this trimaran with an electric hybrid outboard by Torqueedo to make it completely eco-friendly with an electric motor powered by cycle batteries that go with solar energy, wind, or even tide driven trickle chargers or a fuel efficient Paguro 3000 diesel generator.

This modern trimaran will be offered with a range of trailers, which will be custom designed to suit the customer’s needs.




  1. David March 3, 2011

    They are only asking $45k. What a bargain. It weighs 700lb making the per pound price a bargain basement six hundred and forty two dollars before VAT and shipping. I’m sure there are thousands of people sending them deposits. Where do I sign?


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