The CosmicStar Cruiser is the world’s most expensive ARTBike

The award for the most expensive ARTBike in the world was being held by the $500,000 bike created by Damien Hirst until recently. It was “stolen” by the wonderful creation of another well known artist, Jack Armstrong. He has dubbed his work the CosmicStar Cruiser ARTBike and it’s now the world’s most expensive ARTBike, valued at a mind-boggling $1 million.

He has crafted the piece on a SOLE beach cruiser made in Los Angeles, during a 6 month period. The SOLE bike is as functional as it is expensive and was initially acquired by Armstrong at a wrestling match with Kelsey Fisher, another American artist. Following his achievement, he started repainting it in his “cosmic extensionalism” art style.

We also need to point out the fact that both men worked on it, Jack Armstrong and Kelsey Fisher. It really is a genuine artwork, being garnished with unique colors, cosmic symbols and words written in paint.

It will be reportedly unveiled at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, in Canada, on the 8th of December. The same artist will also be lifting the curtains of his latest unpublished painting, the “Future Magic”, a $6 million piece, as the ARTBike’s backdrop.