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The Cocoon Tree Tent is one part tent, one part hammock

By Adrian Prisca


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Have you ever wondered what the best solution to avoid overcrowding would be? Why don’t we just go and sleep in trees? A rather interesting solution to this problem is the Cocoon Tree Tent, a stunning mobile tree house. In fact, this cocoon is a spherical tent which you can carry along during your journeys.

This quite awkward tree tent provides safe, cozy shelter for any camping trips you’re planning. All you need to do is find a proper spot, preferably with superb views, up in the trees or even by the water, and use the provided cables to tie it safely.

Partly hammock, partly tent, the contraption gently dangles in the wind, providing you with feelings you used to experience while being a baby. Inside, it sports a 2.4 meter circular bed with custom sheet, able to cozily accommodate two persons. Its frame consists of a network of ribs which create the spherical, cocoon like shape, and at the same time keep the bed tightly fixed.

Each and every one of the ribs comes with a rope or cable with which you can tie the tent to nearby trees, increasing the number of your support spots. We haven’t yet found out the costs and availability of the Cocoon Tree Tent, but one thing we know – it’s perfect for a journey outside.


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