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The Breathtaking Mulia – Nusa Dua is perfect for your honeymoon

By Victor Baker


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The Mulia – Nusa Dua

Mulia is an incredible island from Bali, which awaits anyone brave enough to face such an astonishing beauty with incredible surroundings, amazing beaches and all around awesomeness. Right here, on the exclusive Nusa Dua Bay, you can find The Mulia – Nusa Dua, a bespoke resort that seems like the ideal location to relax in this slice of heaven.

Featuring lovely rooms that offer stunning views of the Ocean and impressing guests with a mix of elegance and beautiful interior design, this resort is truly one of a kind. Just a few steps away from your bedroom, a private patio will allow you to fully enjoy the warm, sunny days, while benefiting from every comfort you could imagine in this zen-like environment.

The Mulia – Nusa Dua

Guests will have the opportunity to choose between five kinds of villas, varying in size from one bedroom to the Mulia Mansion. You could always opt out for a suite, which will make you feel like a VIP while enjoying the serene views and incredible surroundings of the resort. The villas will come with lovely private plunge pools, while the suites are actually the largest suites available on the Mulia island.

It’s a difficult choice, I know, but it gets even worse. You see, eight dining destinations will tease you and make your experience at Bali’s The Mulia unforgettable. I guess the only thing to do is to try them all and completely exacerbate you taste-buds. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on incredible natural beauty and the unbelievable sensations provided by The Mulia – Nusa Dua.

The Mulia – Nusa Dua

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