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The Bombardier Global 7000 Will Take You Flying In A Blue Dream

Bombardier Global 7000

Feel free to look up Joe Satriani and one of his most famous songs, Flying In A Blue Dream; it will inspire you and prepare you for the new Bombardier Global 7000. The ultra-long-range plane will easily travel non-stop for around 7,700 nautical miles (8,861 land miles), which sounds like a dreamy experience.

According to Bombardier, their new Global 7000 has just become the largest and longest-range business jet ever, and those of you with some seriously deep pockets are encouraged to be the judge of that. You will need at least $73 million before enjoying the Global 7000 to the fullest, but before you do so, let’s talk a bit more about this plane.

Bombardier Global 7000

The cabin is 54 ft 7 in long, 6 ft 3 in tall and 8 ft 2 in wide. The passenger area is divided into four distinct living areas, with options including a comfortable seating area, a dining or meeting area, a cinema room, as well as a bedroom. Basically, you will be flying your luxury apartment anywhere in the world, while enjoying incredible service, delicious treats and even your favorite movies; who could say no to that?

In addition to boasting an award-winning design and an unprecedented range and size, this jet flies at about 561 mph but it could even achieve a top speed of 650 mph. And thanks to its special wing design, it could easily tackle relatively short runways or steep approaches. Where are you planning to go first?

Bombardier Global 7000


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