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The BeoSound 1 Piano Black Speaker is a $1,495 Piece Of Art

By Victor Baker


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BeoSound 1 Piano Black Speaker

Bang & Olufsen has just unveiled a new stunning version of its portable wireless speaker and we’re all in awe right now. Set to cost quite a lot of money, this gorgeous blacked-out speaker will be available for a limited time only and probably in limited numbers as well.

The BeoSound 1 Piano Black edition was, seemingly, crafted to pure perfection to get the best finish and that right hue of black. Polished and anodized several times to achieve a stunning reflective surface in pure black, this speaker looks mesmerizing from any angle.

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 1 is a portable and lightweight wireless companion that’s slightly open at the top for acoustical reasons, with the aluminum construction helping it feel lightweight and cool. The speaker is fitted with the Acoustic Lens Technology, and none shall ignore the powerful 360-degree sound experience this device delivers.

BeoSound 1 Piano Black Speaker

Proximity sensors enable control of the basic operations on the speaker, ready to help the user to decide what’s to be done – or, to be listened. The portable speaker also offers various connectivity options, including Google Cast, AirPlay, DNLA and Bluetooth.

TuneIn Internet radio stations is a plus, at least for people like me who enjoy personalizing their audio experience with the help of the Internet. Your home will never be the same with the BeoSound 1 Piano Black Speaker, and this ‘intruder’ will most likely become a welcomed resident.

BeoSound 1 Piano Black Speaker



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