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The Black Iceberg Concept Can Probably Handle Anything

By Victor Baker


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Black Iceberg Concept

It’s been more than 100 years since the unforgettable tragedy of the Titanic, but today it’s time to leave it all behind and focus on this incredible yacht concept from the Russian design studio of Max Zhivov, which seems to be capable of handling almost anything on the high seas.

Called Black Iceberg, this gorgeous 35-meter vessel was inspired by old Viking designs and the rugged beauty of Scandinavia, with up to eight passengers welcomed aboard to experience its innovative features. This stunning concept actually got its name from the broken surface look on the sides of the yacht, with a unique carbon fiber feature that adds to the aesthetic impact of the vessel.

Black Iceberg Concept

Black Iceberg’s jaw dropping look can be actually adapted to any type of vessel, which means anyone who wants to get this incredible effect on their future yacht, could probably do it. The use of carbon fiber on the sides of this vessel would result in a lightweight, durable and eye-catching design, but there’s more to this project than that.

Other notable features include 32-square-meters worth of solar panels, delivering electrical power to this yacht’s motors, thus improving fuel efficiency. Speaking of motors and efficiency, this yacht could allegedly achieve a cruising speed of 25 knots, which seems like enough to convince you to want one, considering the incredible aesthetic look and the stunning amenities you could have on board.

Black Iceberg Concept

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