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The beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh

By Adrian Prisca


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Just between the Asia and Africa, on the shore of the Red Sea, under a sky full of stars and where mountain meets sea, the Sharm El Sheikh complex awaits its guests. If you want to spend your holidays to sharm el sheikh, the Ritz Carlton hotel from this marvelous location offers you a great cuisine experience, a huge range of activities, breathtaking views and a unique nightlife.

Different types of cuisines can be tasted here, like lavish western cuisine at the Café restaurant, sushi at the Blue Ginger Japanese and Arabian meals in the Fayrouz. Snorkeling is a great thing to do at the Sharm El Sheikh, as well as relaxing by the Spa. Also, one can take advantage of the cascading waterfalls, sparkling pools and a diving centre that even teaches you how to get underwater. Everything worked down to the smallest detail; you can simply never get bored.

This resort can be put into poems. Brilliant Bougainvillaea and a load of cactae species, tall palm and date trees, flowering plants all over the place, cabanas with lounges, a big cove carved in the coastline, camel-riding and a brilliant Red Sea that calls every guest for a swim in its absolutely brilliant waters are only a bit of what a peace-seeking individual could get here.

We must also mention the full service beauty saloon, a Thai massage room, an Arabian massage tent pointed towards the Red Sea and 10 treatment rooms, including 2 couple’s rooms.

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