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The fifth Design Q Avro Business Jet (ABJ)

By Adrian Prisca


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It seems like James Bond has started to be an inspiration in way more domains than ever before. Now, the aero-industry is the one targeted. UK’s leading design consultancy – Design Q – and Falko – air-craft asset manager are going to work together to produce a flying wonder: the fifth Design Q Avro Business Jet (ABJ).

Everything, from seats to the electronics, suggests the idea of “high-tech”. The gadgets are hidden within walls and covered by furniture, but being very accessible at all times as well. The seats are made of extremely comfortable leather, and there’s no shortage of them inside the aircraft. Gary Doy, director of Design Q, declares that “The ABJ Q challenges preconceived ideas of what constitutes luxury in a business jet interior.”

The bulkheads include a refreshment centre, there are hidden monitors all over the place and one can even detach the back rests of the sofas. The owner can control the cabin, and change its settings whenever he wishes from the lounge at the front. The whole plane is a flying office and every light in the plane is set to offer maximum efficiency. For a daylight-like working environment, the producer has designed luminous flat panels.

There’s no point in going on saying that it comprises a huge quantity of electronic devices like printers, pop-up monitors and computers. It just has everything a business-man needs. Including security, with a system that keeps everything, from documents to gadgets, under surveillance. Furthermore, the safe can only be opened by a finger-print recognition system.

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