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The beautiful Quintessential catamaran

By Adrian Prisca


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Built as a 30 meter platform “large enough for the whole family and friends” and sufficiently stable to provide comfort and luxury, the stunning sailing catamaran Quintessential was first planned back in 2004. It was launched in Auckland during June 2012, in front of large masses of folk.

Completed by Yachting Developments after long struggles, political set-backs, economical crisis and tons of physical and psychic efforts, alongside Superyacht Interiors New Zealand, the Quintessential is a true master of the seas. Boasting with contemporary, top notch teak interiors the vessel is both a modern cruiser and a classically extravagant rig.

The two aforementioned brands, working closely with Southern Spars, have managed to put together a masterful piece of engineering, extremely simple to operate by a slim number of crew members as well as pristinely clean. And there’s more – the harmony between the sails, the sailing systems and rig has been accomplished by the specialists behind MCM, Yachting Development, Doyle Sails and Southern Spars.

It was tested around the Hauraki Gulf, and, to be honest, it turned out to be extremely agile, pretty fast and superbly exciting to sail. The speed of 18 knots may not seem much to you, but for a super catamaran like the Quintessential, it’s quite an achievement. And imagine experiencing such a nice cruise while sitting in the 180 degrees glazed saloon. The spot is able to accommodate up to 10 guests, for both lounge and exquisite dinners, with long stemmed glasses and luxurious crockery.

Quintessential’s first long journey was done between New Zealand and Fiji. It was completed in a mere 5 days. The second passage was planned to reach Tahiti – everyone aboard was exponentially amazed by the capabilities of the yacht and the comfort it is able to provide.

We chose to show it to our readers for a bit of visual pleasure. Ok, this may not turn out to be just “a bit”, but anyways! Make sure you got a Kleenex beside you, it may prove quite useful!


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