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The Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1 Speakers Look and Sound Incredible

By Victor Baker


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Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1

Mixing old school technology with a modern shape, the Avantgarde Acoustic ’Zero 1’ speakers were designed to beautifully blend into basically any living environment, making their presence felt only when you tune in your favorite song.

Avantgarde Acoustic tried to bring back classic design lines by using a recessed spherical wave horn together with a new school casing which hides the digital components of these speakers: processors, digital to analogue converters, power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Each of the two horns of the ‘Zero 1’ speakers are driven by a 50 watt power amplifier, allowing users to enjoy a full and rich sound, without delay or distortion, to an impressive 104 dB.

Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1

The luxurious audio setup is accompanied by a powerful bass woofer, with a dedicated 400 watt amplifier. The audio company promises uncompromising quality with the ‘Zero 1’, which feature loudspeakers that communicate with each other via a radio link. It’s pretty impressive that the wireless connection does not alter the sounds you want to enjoy.

The ‘Zero 1’ speakers were constructed from an innovative material, an ABS polymer with impressive tonal properties, allowing the speakers to come in a revolutionary shape that looks and sounds incredible. All you need to do now is to get in the mood for a party.

Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1


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