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The AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones Will Get You Jumpin’

By Victor Baker


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AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones

Liquid Wood earcups, 3D-printed biomimetic grilles, biocellulose driver – these are all features part of the incredible package represented by the new AudioQuest NightHawk headphones. Standing out from the crowd is harder and harder today, in a market that seems to be growing all the time, which is why NightHawk aims to redefine sustainability, construction quality and sound quality in its unique way.

Ignoring rules and standards, the company gave up on the classic driver diaphragms made of Mylar, and constructed ones from bio-cellulose, an all-natural material largely incapable of creating the harshness and ringing that so often plagues Mylar.

AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones

The company’s unique bio-cellulose driver features a compliant rubber surround, while the basket of these headphones was designed for perfectly even distribution of its air vents, thus avoiding distortions caused by the rocking of the voice-coil.

Furthermore, the company’s patented split-gap motor delivers lower intermodulation distortion and a cleaner, more balanced overall presentation. AudioQuest’s NightHawk headphones are available at a suggested retail price of $599, with everyone else already praising them; why not you?

AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones

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