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The Ariel Atom 700 by DDMWorks has 700 horsepower!

We’ve seen incredible performance figures for the ultra light Ariel Atom 3 as its 2.4-liter Honda I4 engine helps it sprint from naught to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds but now it’s even better! There’s a new beast roaming the roads today – the Ariel Atom 700, manufactured by DDMWorks.

It boasts with a 2.0-liter Ecotec I4 engine which delivers an absolutely mind boggling 700HP (521 kW)! There are two additional power versions for the car, a 575 HP (428 kW) one and a 450 HP (335 kW) version. The sources of the humongous numbers are a turbocharger and a supercharger.

The Ariel Atom 700 has a power to weight ratio of 2.07 lbs / HP, as DDMWorks state, given the fact that the Atom weighs just 1,450 lbs (around 657 kg). The manufacturers have also included a few mechanical improvements, besides the engine, like a custom exhaust system.

They even say the future drivers of the Ariel Atom 700 will better undergo special training before jumping at its steering wheel. We think the price for the Ariel Atom 700 will be quite a lot higher than the Ariel Atom 3, which starts at $52,480.



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