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La Palina Collection Goldie Laguito No. 2. Cigars

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Founded back in 1896 by Samuel Paley, La Palina is the name written on some of the most exquisite tobacco products in the world. The brand has had a return in 2010, if we can could it like that, under the leadership of Bill Paley. They are at the moment glad to delight enthusiasts with their two production core lines and have recently released a new limited edition cigar collection – the La Palina Collection Goldie Laguito No. 2.

This particular collection was launched as a commemoration to the grandmother of Bill Paley, the wife of Sam Paley. Her image appears on the packaging and banding the cigars are embellished with. An interesting purpose of this collection is also to pay tribute to the accomplishments and contributions that women brought to the history of cigar manufacture – the name Laguito signifies the El Laguito Cigar Factory in Havana, Cuba, where Maria Sierra, the La Palina Goldie’s cigar roller has had her start in the industry.

Although she now works at the fabled El Titan de Bronze factory, Miami, Florida, she is actually one of the first women ever to be trained to roll cigars in Cuba.

Her long, impressive career at Villa El Laguito spreads over 32 years, having begun on the 22nd of July 1967, trained by Eduardo Rivera Irizarri, Fidel Castro’s personal cigar roller, and Avelino Lara, the founder of the renowned Cohiba blend. Rated a category 9 roller, Maria is now a respectable 95 years old.

At a closer approach, the Goldie contains Medio Tiempe leaf, representing the top leaves of the tobacco plant. The respective sort is found on around 10% of all tobacco plants and this is what gives it exquisiteness. The entire Goldie edition was rolled at the El Titan De Bronze factory in Miami, by the legendary Maria Sierra, in the traditional Laguito No. 2 Vitola (6’ x 38) with fan cap, traditional to Villa El Laguito.

Only 1000 boxes are available of the exquisite, limited edition La Palina Collection Goldie Laguito No. 2. Each cigar is priced at $15 and every box costs $150. The boxes are numbered as well, honoring the limited edition principle.


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