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The Archipod could be your futuristic backyard office

The Archipod 1

Probably everyone’s dream would be to work from home in a relaxing and natural environment and since you can’t work from a chair in your backyard, a UK company decided to make the perfect backyard office. They called it the “Archipod” because it’s basically a futuristic pod that looks all natural and woodsy on the outside and clean and modern inside.

The Archipod won’t disrupt your backyard’s harmony with nature but it will also represent a main attraction for any of your friends.  This futuristic office looks like a coconut and it’s smooth and white on the inside and brown and woodsy on the outside.

The office was conceived out of “frustration at the commuting lifestyle, with its attendant road congestion, air and noise pollution, road rage, running costs and time loss” and it’s probably the dream office for everyone, just two steps aways from the home.

[Source: Archipod via Make]


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