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The Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft is the coolest water toy

Taking water exploration to new heights, the Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft will impress everyone with its unique body and ingenious drivetrain. You can drive this watercraft right off a trailer and straight into the water without the need for a crane, tender vessel or dock, but it’s completely different from any other amphibian vehicles.

This awesome watercraft is partially submersible, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views both above and underwater from two different cabins positioned on top of each other. It features a buoyant above-water upper hull that could accommodate 2 people to enjoy surface views and below there’s an inverted 1 1/2″-thick acrylic hemisphere that provides two more passengers amazing underwater views.

Thanks to this unique shape, the Sub-Surface Watercraft is perfect to explore underwater environments even if you don’t own a fully submersible craft. The upper cockpit houses the controls for this beauty, which features two horizontally oriented underwater thrusters that could take it to speeds of 6 knots forwards and 4 knots backwards and it could even do 360º turns below the water.

When it’s on land, this amphibious watercraft moves around with special ground track systems that are powered by dedicated 48-volt intercooled electric motors. The energy for these motors comes from two 24-volt lithium battery banks that make this cool water toy work for 110 hours on water or 8 hours on land, before requiring a recharge.

The heavy-duty rubber tracks can do 360 degree axis turns and they could even negotiate 30º gradients for a perfect water entry and egress. Hammacher Schlemmer lists these Amphibious Sub-Surface watercrafts for a staggering $300,000.

[Hammacher Schlemmer]


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