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The Amanpulo Resort on the Pamalican island in Philippines

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Set among the superb Quiniluban Group of Cuyo Islands, on the private Pamalican Island, this five-star resort overlooks the northern part of the Palawan Province of the Philippines. We tell you, the Amanpulo Resort cannot be fully described in words.

The Island of Pamalican measures around 5 km in length and half a kilometer in its largest width, being located around 288 km south of Manila. The resort boasts with gorgeous amenities that unveil through the superb local environment, in complete and pure harmony.

The resort features 40 “casitas”, 29 of which are place directly on the beach, on the hillside that overlooks the Sulu Sea or amongst the treetops. Every independent bungalow sports its own buggy, enabling guests to individually move throughout the island.

Five of the accommodations are Hillside Casitas, sharing breathtaking views, while four of the remaining ones are located on top of the tree-line, called Treetop Casitas. The remaining two are represented by Deluxe Hillside Casitas, ensuring their guests with the best views over the sea and the nearby archipelago. Suffice to say, the sunrises and sunsets make your eyes water.

Furthermore, the accommodation services also include 11 villas, each of them including one to four bedrooms. They are individually endowed with private swimming pools, living and dining pavilions, outdoor lounge and kitchen, separate bedrooms and superb atmosphere.

In the end, don’t think all these amenities come cheap. Depending on services, size and location, they can all be booked throughout the year for prices between $1,050 and $4,500 per night.

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