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The Amangiri Luxury Hotel in Canyon Point, Utah

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The Amangiri luxury hotel is located in one of most impressive landscapes in the US, occupying an area of 600 acres in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, close to the border with Arizona, in an area with desolate deserts and sharp mountain ranges all around. The name Amangiri states for “peaceful mountain”, which is enough to describe the whereabouts of this location.

The design of this manmade marvel is signed by Wendell Burnette, Marwan Al-Sayed and Rick Joy. It was opened during October 2009, featuring 34 luxury suites; its location is even more valuable considering that the Escalante National Monument is right near the hotel, showing off its colorful stratified layers.

Page, Arizona, is the nearest town, 25 minutes away by car, while Lake Powell, another natural wonder, is just 15 minutes away. Furthermore, the area is also known as the Four Corners, the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah knowing a meeting point. It used to be inhabited by native Navajo and Hopi tribes, few of them still residing in remote locations.

The hotel was designed in such a way that it actually blends into the sandy surroundings, both in materials and textures, with tones similar to the rocks and terrain nearby. Don’t think privacy was left over – the hotel boasts particularly enclosed areas for those that seek silence, away from strangers’ eyes.

In terms of organization, upon arriving at the central Pavilion guests can view the gorgeous swimming pool constructed as a center of the respective Pavilion. Around the pool there are a living room, library, dining room, private dining room, cellar and a gallery. The accommodations are spread among two wings that start at the Pavilion: the Mesa Wing includes the superb Aman Spa along with 18 suites, while the Desert Wing features another 16 suites.

For such commodities, tourists have to pay between $1,000 and $3,600 per night, depending on the suites they choose. But don’t worry; just a few minutes spent in front of the suites’ windows will make you forget every cent spent here. The breathtaking landscapes are simply astonishing – check them out among the images below.

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