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The 3D-Printed Lab 2 Titanium Earphones Sound Like A Dream

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Lab 2 Titanium Earphones

There’s a wide range of earphones out there, some of them pretty cool and enjoyable, but probably none is as visually captivating as Lab 2. S-Next, a Japan-based boutique premium audio gear manufacturer, has designed and developed Lab 2, a new set of earphones encased in a Steampunk styled 3D modeled Titanium exterior.

Unique and super stylish, the titanium case of these earphones also improves the distribution of high frequency sounds coming out a 15 mm dynamic driver, with the back of the driver being also made of titanium for improved low frequency audio experience.

Lab 2 Titanium Earphones

The mesmerizing housing was specifically designed to emulate a gap between the ear canal and the sound source, and then the 3D printed titanium is eventually refined, thanks to a proprietary chemical treatment, adding gloss and the ultimate smooth touch.

If you like what you see right now, you should know that only 200 units of the Lab 2 earphones will be ever made, on sale from October 22, at 450,000 Yen ($4,300); as such, we’re faced with the most expensive pair of 3D printed earphones on the market. Let’s just hope customers outside of Japan will be allowed to enjoy this exquisite product.

Lab 2 Titanium Earphones


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