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The $35M Ashberg House – A Precious Gem from London

By Victor Baker


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Ashberg House

Some of you have been probably drooling at this jaw dropping property for quite some time already, and today you’ll finally find out its name and more details about this contemporary marvel. Found in West London, in the affluent area of Chelsea, the Ashberg House was inspired by the world famous Ashberg diamond, and it could be your future dream home for “just” $35 million (£28 million).

Designed by Morpheus London, the architecture of this unique five-story residence includes black basalt and bronze detailing, although it’s the glass facade that strikes me most. But on the inside this mansion is equally mesmerizing, featuring a well-balanced interior, which benefits from fluid, organic forms, and 8,400 square feet of luxurious living areas.

Ashberg House

We should also mention that every single furniture piece has been custom made for this particular residence, which should explain the ridiculous asking price. Speaking of that, for $35 million the next owners of this staggering home will also get o brag about a delicate chandelier called the “Falling Leaf Chandelier,” which was handcrafted with over 140 glass “leaves” in graduated color.

If all of this sounds sophisticated, it’s because it looks like that and we totally love it. Aside from the elegant rooms and wonderful amenities, this charming home also boasts a spa, a swimming pool, steam room, gym, an indoor theater, staff quarters, as well as what most probably is a delicious wine wall. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in London, this is probably as good as it can get.

Ashberg House


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