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The 2017 AC Cobra Is More Than Just A Retro Dream

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2017 AC Cobra

AC Cars is planning an incredible comeback right now, as the iconic British car company is currently building nine “legacy” units of its famous cars, using nothing but original tools dating back to 1962. But what’s even more interesting is that theĀ AC Cobra is scheduled to return into production starting next year, mostly thanks to theĀ Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act.

This allows small automakers, like AC Cars, to build a limited number of cars, without having to go through all that certification process that mass manufacturers have to respect, if the car in question will be based on an original vehicle that’s at least 25 years and the current engine meets current emission regulations.

UK fans will know it as the AC Cobra 378, and the vehicle will be powered by an incredible 6.2-liter V8 engine, that’s going to be built in two versions – naturally aspirated, developing 440 HP, and a superchargedĀ 550 hp unit.

2017 AC Cobra

According to AC Cars owner Alan Lubinsky,Ā the new Cobra will be based on the MKIV model and will cost under Ā£100,000. Packing an electronic control unit (ECU), a modern gearbox, powered steering and upgraded brakes, not to mention air conditioning as an option, the new Cobra will be properly welcomed into the 21st century.

A launch date is yet to be announced, butĀ the reborn Cobra will be sold as the Autokraft MKIV Classic in the US.Ā If it looks just like the original model, we’re sure the new AC Cobra will be a massive hit.

2017 AC Cobra

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