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The 15 Most Expensive Homes in the US Cost More Than You Might Think

By Vlad Craciun


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Real estate has its ups and downs all the time, but people are constantly looking for homes to rent or buy. While most of us are searching for those homes that provide enough comfort for the buck, some of the world’s richest people need lavish estates to boost their social status or simply because they want to feel a lot more pampered and comfortable.

We were curious which are the most expensive homes right now so we did a quick search to see what has come up lately in real estate world. That’s how we came up with this list of the 15 most expensive homes in the US – prepare to be amazed because they cost a lot more than you might think.

15. Pumpkin Key – $95 million

Pumpkin Key

Pumpkin Key is more than o home. It’s a private island in itself, a 26 acre retreat situated in the Florida Keys and which was initially listed in 2014 for $110 million. Nowadays the price has dropped to $95 million. The home is a 5,000 square foot house with cottages, tennis courts, a 20 slip marina and enough space for more development.

14. 10979 Chalon Road – $100 million

10979 Chalon Road

The new home at 10979 Chalon Road, Los Angeles is huge and impressive, featuring a master suite of no less than 5,600 square feet, over ten bedroom suites and a whooping number of bathrooms – 23 in total. The huge 31,000 square feet home comes with several bars, 40,000 square feet of covered patios, lots of lush green vegetation and even a lane bowling alley. We’ll let you judge for yourself if the $100 million is a fair price for it.

13. Las Varas Ranch – $108 million

Las Varas Ranch

The Las Varas Ranch is a 240 acre ranch located in the vicinity of Santa Barbara which offers stunning views of the canyon and the ocean and a 2 mile long private beachfront. It’s the first time in the last 50 years when this home is on the market, for the whooping sum of $108 million. The property features a 3,500 square foot main house, a cottage, guest house, barn and several other buildings with a history going back to 1880.

12. Il Palmetto – $115 million

Il Palmetto

Il Palmetto is a 1930’s Italian Renaissance mansion in Palm Beach. It’s a 60,000 square feet sprawling estate with 10 bedrooms, a 50 foot living room, dining room with carved ceiling, two elevators, all divided in a series of pavilions. The house, belonging to Netscape co-founder and billionaire Jim Clark, is now on the market for a good $115 million, after dropping from $137 million.

11. Palazzo di Amore – $129 million

Palazzo di Amore

Palazzo di Amore is an exclusive and extravagant property spanning on 25 acres and includes a 35,000 square foot main residence, a swimming pool, a reflecting pool, superb lush gardens complete with waterfall and plenty of space to park 150 cars. The estate overlooks Los Angeles and offers stunning views around. That if you can afford the price of $129 million to buy it.

10. Briar Patch – $140 million

Briar Patch

Located in the Hamptons, Briar Patch is a 11.2 acre waterfront property which comes with an extraordinary Georgian Revival main house. The home has 10,000 square feet of space and features six bedrooms, interior design with handmade wallpaper, several fireplaces and those lovely French doors. The estate includes as well a 3,500 square feet four bedroom guesthouse and all the entertainment options one could hope for. There’s a tennis court, pool, hot tub and a private pond and plenty of woodlands and lawns for outdoor relaxation. The home sells for $140 million.

9. La Dune – $145 million

La Dune

La Dune seems to be an iconic presence in the classic Hamptons appeal. The home was built back in 1900 and comes with shingle sidings, tennis courts and a nice ocean breeze. There’s a main residence and a guest one as well. The interior space reaches 22,000 square feet and is split between 22 bedrooms and 21 full bathrooms. The price tag of this beauty reaches $145 million.

8. West Creek Ranch – $149 million

West Creek Ranch

The West Creek Ranch is spectacular in all the right ways. It’s a 7,000 acre property which comes with an immense main house, a two level circular stone library and a helipad. The views of the Precambrian rock cliffs around the wonderful ranch are simply astonishing, but the price is a tough one: $149 million.

7. 1080 Meadow Lane – $150 million

1080 Meadow Lane

The property at 1080 Meadow Lane in the Hamptons sits on more than 14 acres of ocean coast, with wonderful views and superb amenities inside. There’s a 12,000 square feet main residence which comes with indoor pool, tennis courts, a spa with separate pool, two golf courses and several private walkways to the beach. We think it offers a lot and the price matches it, since it’s a whooping $150 million.

6. Manalapan Megamansion – $165 million

Manalapan Megamansion

The Manalapan Megamansion is an 16 acre estate and doesn’t disappoint the name. It can be considered the epitome of lavishness and extravagance. The mansion features no less than 33 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms, which makes us thinks more of a luxury resort than a family house. There’s a 1,200 feet of private ocean front and if that wasn’t enough to satisfy some, it also has a complete botanic garden which houses 1,500 species of tropical plants.

Among other features, there’s a sports complex, a lovely treehouse and a lot more. The mansion was built back in the 1940’s and was originally put on sale for $195 million. Today, its price has dropped to $165 million.

5. Great Island – $175 million

Great Island Home

This $175 million home is a 63 acre oceanfront estate situated only an hour away from the bustle of Manhattan. There’s a main house decorated with Guastavino tile ceilings and many other amenities. The views around the island are superb as well.

4. Owlwood in Holmby Hills – $180 million

Holmby Hills Owlwood

This Los Angeles property, dubbed the Owlwood in Holmby Hills was designed by architect Robert D. Farquhar and used to belong to Sonny and Cher. It was sold a while back for a good $90 million and guess what. It’s back on the market, but with a double price tag. Why? That’s a mystery, since nothing has changed. The property features a 12,000 square feet Italian villa with amenities like marble fireplace, crystal chandelier and 24 carat bath fixtures. There’s as well a pool, a tennis court and plenty of space for fun, relaxation or more development. The price today is a whooping $180 million.

3. The Manor in Holmby Hills – $200 million

Holmby Hills Manor

The Manor in Holmby Hills is another lavish estate now on the market for precisely $200 million. The property was built back in 1988 for TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. It’s a 56,500 square feet castle style French mansion with 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms totaling in the end to 123 rooms. Yeah, you read that right, an unimaginable number of rooms.

2. Bel Air Spec House – $250 million

Bel Air Spec House

A mega mansion thought out and designed by luxury developer Bruce Makowsky, the 38,000 square feet Bel Air Spec House comes wrapped in an outer shell of glass and features several pools, a turf, pure white walls, more amenities than you can count, including a huge glass candy wall, a James Bond themed home theater and four lane bowling alley. The immense mansion is on sale for a whooping $250 million.

1. The Chartwell Estate – $350 million

Chartwell Estate

The Chartwell Estate hasn’t been on the market for quite a while, 30 years more precisely. The 10 acre property situated in Los Angeles’ exclusive Bel Air was owned by the now defunct TV exec Jerry Perenchio and is now on sale for a stunning price tag: $350 million. The estate features a main house with a limestone facade designed by architect Summer Spauling. The 18th century French Neoclassical styled home spreads on 25,000 square feet and includes a ballroom, a formal salon and a paneled dining room among its many other features.

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