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Take over the Seas with Amels’ Sleek Pollux Concept

Pollux Concept

Pollux, a brand new superyacht concept from the renowned Dutch shipyard Amels, will be on display for the very first time, in scale form, during the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show. The extraordinary 111-metre vessel before you has been imagined by H2 Yacht Design and it’s based on an impressive technical platform that has been developed by the Amels Design team.

Initial renderings reveal a curvy and sculpted profile, complemented by a duo-tone paint scheme that gives this yacht a very elegant vibe. High-contrasting structures give the impression of floating areas, which might get some people to believe this yacht is magical, and that’s not far from the truth. But what kind of magic is this?

Pollux Concept

Some call it engineering, and people are no longer tortured for it. The future of yacht design is right in front of us, even though this vessel shows off a timeless look inspired from past Amels beauties. With on-deck highlights including a massive swimming pool, an outdoor lounge complete with a fire pit, as well as a helicopter landing pad for that extra cool entrance, this superyacht is bound to make an impression wherever it goes.

Designed to meet Passenger Yacht Code regulations, the 4,750 GT Pollux will easily accommodate 20 guests on board, with 47 professional crew members prepared to spoil each and every one of them. All these perks and privileges will most likely come at a high price, one that has not been officially disclosed yet.

Pollux Concept


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