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Swarovski-studded Champagne Cooler priced at $4,900

We’ve also wondered why some extravagant and exquisite champagne bottles would be kept in regular coolers. We haven’t written about anything like that until now because we simply haven’t been told about any. Yet, times are changing – we found a staggering champagne cooler encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Check it out!

Fit to bling up any bar, this will definitely add some sparkle to the table. In fact, the cooler is just one part of an extensive range of exquisite serving accessories signed Thorson Hosier, a brand led by Brian Thorson and Tim Hosier. Their brand had recently been purchased by Weingeroff Enterprises from the United States.

The series of accessories for tables, entirely designed and manufactured by hand in Rhode Island, comprises, in addition to the Swarovski Crystals studded cooler, all sorts of napkin rings, shells etc. embellished with sapphires, emeralds and an entire array of other precious stones the glitter when exposed to light.

This particular champagne cooler costs a sturdy $4,900, the shells range between $245 and $375, while the napkin rings cost $175 per set of two pieces.



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