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Swarovski airplane trolley by Skypak

If you want to make an impression even in an airport, Skypak has released this Swarovski-embedded airplane trolley that will surely turn a lot of heads whenever you’re traveling somewhere. The luxurious trolley is adorned with 82,000 tiny Swarovski crystals and features a flawless finish of chromium that makes it sparkle all time.

The trolley was designed by London-based designer Baz Pringle, who works as a Senior art Director in Orange Country. Apart from its main use for airplanes, this trolley can be also used as a mobile refrigerator as its top compartment can store dry ice for hours. The lower compartments can be used as per the user’s choice and it can be modified accordingly.

You could make it a container for your favorite DVDs, make it a shoe cabinet with compartments, a mini bar with shelves or any other storage solution. Skypak also has other great trolleys out such as the Trolley Piccadilly circus or even a gold plated trolley as well.

The Swarovski trolley measures 41 inch in height, 12 inch in breath and costs “just” $40,000.



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