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BMW Ghost Motorcycle Concept by Marko Petrovic

By Adrian Prisca


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Marko Petrovic designed this brilliant motorcycle concept dubbed as the BMW Ghost Motorcycle, a wonderful bike which boasts a unique design, inspired by the new BMW 6 Series concept and the incredible Snowy Owl which is one of the most beautiful birds on the planet.

The bike’s design actually looks like the shape of the bird that inspired it, with the white and blue colors on the body evoking the white plumage of the bird and the clear blue skies that it explores every day. Blue and white are also BMW’s official colors but the bike’s designer announced that future customers could also get the bike in a different color theme if it will go into production.

In this complex and wild-inspired body of the BMW Ghost Motorcycle Concept there’s a massive six cylinder 1,600 cc engine that will turn this BMW “snowy owl” bike into one of the fastest bikes on the roads. We’ll keep you updated is this wonderful motorcycle will ever go into production.

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